Hello World

Written on March 4, 2012

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Hello world!

GET INTO OPENSOURCE SOFTWARES Spend your little time for knowing the open source softwares.Before get into the topic I am asking you ,do you ever think that what an open source software really means!! Open source software is a computer software that is available in sourcecode form.The source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license that permits users to study,change and improve at times also to distribute the software .We are all familiar with many open source softwares like Mozilla firefox ,google chrome ,linux distros , the latest popular example is the android mobile operating system. Open sourcesoftware is non proprietry- means nobody owns the code,it also means that anybody owns…..“Imagine a million monkeys on a million typewriter…eventually you might get __shakesphere” _OSS capitalize on this concept.Million of people nowadays work in this field so we can assure that we will definetly get what we want from opensource field. Studies about OSS reveals that they are improving.There is no doubt that OSS are proving more popular both inside and outside the computer industry. When I searched about this topic I came to know from one article that by 2014, 223 million smartphones with opensource are reaching.As many of you might already know,symbian has started its move towards becoming opensource,which makes an important shift in the mobile operating system market. OSS are free to use,free to distribute and free to modify.To the general public this means that they do not have to pay anything for the product whereas a closed source alternative could set them back hundreds of pounds.Moreover there are so many advantages,just consider the OSS such as linux , we all are well know about the linux distros and some of the main advantages are stability,free software,run on _old hardware,security _etc.The list of advantages are beyond this artice since it is a huge list…. Stability,when an application crashes in windows,we couldn’t continue working.Linux can crash also,but it is much harder to do.If an application crashes in linux,it will usually not harm the kernel or other processes. Most software can be obtained without cost for linux.For example,one thing that has kept people from linux is that the lack of office software.That has changed with open office and now you can edit documents and presentations from the popular Microsoft software.The conversion isn’t 100 % perfect , but it has worked remarkably well. Linux can run on old hardware . for example,running linux just fine on a Pentium 100 with a 1 GB disk drive,and 16 MB of memory.Linux has the advantage of code being in the public domain. I have been very impressed with the security of linux and the programs run on it.I think having the code out in the open,and the ability to fix things yourself if necessary is a big plus._Who likes to work blind???_With some distributions on installation the computer will you ask what levels of security you would like for your system.You can be very trusting.Linux gives you this flexibility. Like advantage everything have their own disadvantages,but when comparing with advantages,disadvantages are very easy to recover.Learning curve is one of the disadvantages.i won’t lie to you,linux is going to take some time to learn.I know that our society likes to be instantly gratified.Learning linux is definitely worth your time,but to really master it,you will need to spend some good time infront of your machine tinkering with things.Don’t expect to be an expert after reading something like “Linux for Dummies”_ You will want to think carefully when you switch to linux about what programs you currently use,and if they have linux support for them.There are still application that do not exist in linux.Thankfully,this list become much more narrow in recent months.A good linux administrator needs to be on hand, if you are at beginning.You may spend overtime at the beginning stages.Some of the latest and greatest hardware that is being produced is not compatible with linux.Atleast , not yet.The people that contribute the program code and drivers to the linux kernel are great at including support fairly quickly.Until that time,everything you buy for hardware in your system may not work.One thing you can do is before purchase ,ask if the hardware vendor has support for linux. There are tons of distros available ,so its quite confusing to opt a best one.You won’t find the CD’s of linux in all shops,most of the users get confused at first time to configure desktop and settings.It’s tricky for finding the alternatives of softwares which are not available in linux,Software installation is totally different from windows.And these are the small problems faced by the non-techies,but it is very easy to recover by spending time with it. Nowadays ubuntu and many other linux distros are popular..lots of people has quit the use of windows and switches to linux.The best part of linux is it is an open source and it may become the future platform.Many companies uses linux distros nowadays and mastering it will be an advantage for you.I’m sure that we all would get the benefits from open source as it grows.So try it,try to work on it,contribute to it… HAPPY OPENSOURCING!!!!