RailsGirls Bangalore implies AWESOME !!!

Written on August 4, 2013


Had a great experience with Rails Girls one day workshop held at Bangalore .It was organized with the help of many partners like ThoughtWorks ,Nilenso , Plivo , Mahaswami.

As a student as well as newbie to this field it was my great opportunity to work with experienced persons and developers. Moreover a lot of girls from all over south India with great enthusiasm were the success of this event.



Learned a lot in one day,like how to make a web application using ruby on rails , how to deploy it etc . To understand the back end process of a web application development was completely new to me ,so that i enjoyed it fully. The hands on section was awesome such that we can develop our own application or blog or site from the scratch. Ruby is a powerful dynamic language like python ,so that it was easy to start with ruby . And the rails which allow MVC pattern so we can model our application with business rules and logic ,then view it’s output representation and control or sync these Model and the View using controller.

Rails will create the complete structure of our application development.And another thing is about the sublime_text Editor ,which is a powerful editor(like vi) for creating our application.To beautify our application we can add CSS style sheet using Twitter Bootstrap ,deploy it using Heroku Cloud service.



In between workshop there are some lightning talks from the coaches ,one of the talks that motivated me was by Venkat , who shared his learnings from the classic, The Pragmatic Programmer.




It was evident that many are able to develop application with in one day.I hope everyone can deploy their own product within few days if they get into Ruby on Rails.


Thank You #RailsGirls for such a Wonderful day !!!


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