Big Data=Big opportunity!!!

Written on August 28, 2012

It’s all about Big data technologies. What is it? Well I also think like that when I heard before. This write-up is just an inspired one after attending first class of online course. Let’s have a look! Even we find difficult to recognize a machine and a human only through conversation. Which is human?  which is a machine?  Difficult right? For example, While submission of many forums online we need to type the same letters on-screen (captchers) , so that machines can recognize we are humans not any malware. Web intelligence is that the machine needs to find out which is man? which is a machine? We can see many examples of web intelligence, machine translation between human languages (Google translation), The software recognizes places in the photos, recognition of faces (IE, in Picasa and Facebook albums), more over machine defeated the champions in a quiz conducted by IBM. Big Data? See there are lots and lots of web pages…for example , a billion of Facebook users, twitter accounts, hundreds of million tweets per day, billion Facebook pages, billion of google queries per day, millions of servers and of course petabytes of data. There are many large enterprises,contain 5000-50,000 servers,terabytes of data,millions of transaction per day. Traditional ‘business intelligence’ using data bases, data bases–>data warehouse—>more data bases —>statistics

Google ,Facebook,Linkedin,eBay,Amazon didn’t use traditional data bases for big data. why? what else? There comes other terms one is massive parallelism and map-reduce paradigm.What does data have to do with intelligence? There are two kind of intelligence ,one is Reactive intelligence and other is predictive intelligence,and we always using second one. Do you think why? “any fool can know….the point to understand”-Albert Einstein.Now got it ,right? How it is possible? Using Look,Listen,Learn,Correct,Predict,Correct. AI techniques at web scale for predictive intelligence;the best example is the online advertising-which predicting intent and interest,gauging consumer sentiment and predicting behaviour,detecting adverse events and predicting their impact,categorising and recognising places,faces of people,personalised genomic medicine for future:DNA samples shared in web to get the solution for genetic diseases,to know ancestors,so medication become better. The elements used to predict the future using AI and Big Data,Look-Search:finding a stuff,Listen-machine learning:Figuring out what is important and what is not or classify & clustering,Learn-Information Extraction:which is extracting facts from data,Correct-reasoning:putting different facts together and find out a conclusion,Predict-data mining:mining rules from data,Correct-optimization:figuring out the right thing to do. These all are the things I got from first class,but it is enough for me to embed myself in it,if you have some interest in Web Intelligence and Big data,go & have a dive through it!!!


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Arjun: Nice…well explained, even though I could not grasp it entirely..

rosnikv: Thanks,coursera just start online class about web intelligence application using Big data,Dr. Gautam Shroff (Vice President & Chief Scientist, Tata Consultancy Services.) is the instructor.Good one,don’t know we can join now or not,i posted in fb before.For more details ,check it out:

Pranay: Hi Roshni. I appreciate your efforts.. Though I found it verbose. I have studies data base and data mining in my class and even worked on software’s used on mining in my engineering. So, I know what its all about. Though thanks for the info.

rosnikv: Thank you for your feed back.i will try to make better from next.

skv4u4ever: Good… Very Good…. Go ahead!!